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38th ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting successfully concluded


The 38th ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting successfully concluded in Macao, China on 23 May 2015.

Under the leadership of President Mr. Alex Vong, the first meeting of the ASFAA Board of Directors for the year 2015 was successfully held on 23 May at the Macao East Asian Games Dome in Macao China.

ASFAA was honoured to have the presence and support of TAFISA President and ASFAA Honorary President Dr. JuHo Chang and TAFISA Secretary General Mr. Wolfang Baumann at the meeting. Major conclusions were reached at the meeting to further strengthen the ties and partnership between ASFAA and TAFISA.During the meeting, the Board of Directors approved the reports of the year 2014 and the plan and budget for the year 2015. Updates on the preparation of the 14th ASFAA Congress to be held in 2016 in Macao, China, were given by the President of Macao Sport Development Board, Mr. Jose Tavares at the meeting.

In addition, a delegation from TAFISA 6th World Sport for All Games, led by Mr. Faisal Abdullah, deputy minister of the Indonesian ministry of youth and sports and Mr. Hayono Isman, the President of FORMI also participated in the meeting and gave an overview on the progress of the Games, which will be held between 6-12 October in Jakarta, Indonesia.  

The next ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting will be held during the 24th TAFISA World Congress, which will take place in Hungary Budapest between 14-18 October 2015. 

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