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Gymnastics gives Australian kids a leg-up in life


Australian Minister for Sport Kate Lundy encouraged all Australian children to get active and embrace sport at the launch of Gymnastics Australia’s new participation program at the Australia Institute of Sport in Canberra.

Senator Lundy said the Gymnastics LaunchPad program is a national initiative which aims to teach children aged between 0 – 12 years the critical movement skills to give them the competence to participate in sport for life.

"Gymnastics is widely acknowledged, along with swimming and athletics, as a key sport for young Australians," Senator Lundy said.

"I am passionate about participation in sport which is why I'm right behind this campaign. Gymnastics Australia's initiative to promote gymnastics as a 'launch pad' into life, sports, education, health and a happy childhood will resonate strongly with the community and encourage more kids to join in and sign up to sport.

"LaunchPad is about giving our kids a strong foundation to support participation in sport for life.

"I am confident this campaign will inspire more kids to get involved in gymnastics and hopefully instil in them a love of sport that will continue through their teenage years and into adulthood.

"For many of our successful Aussie athletes, gymnastics was where it all started - from junior participation they developed a love of sport that gave them a strong foundation to achieve international success."

A few of these success stories include Australian gymnast Lauren Mitchell, aerial skier Lydia Lassila, and Australian hurdler Sally Pearson.

"The Gillard Government is strongly committed to having more Australians participating in sport and has injected $11 million in new funding to encourage more people to get active," Senator Lundy said.

Gymnastics Australia received $600,000 per year for its participation programs, including the development of LaunchPad, Disability programs, and enhancing coaching and officiating systems.


JUNE 2012


Gymnastics gives Australian kids a leg-up in life

Australian Minister for Sport Kate Lundy encouraged all Australian


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