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Iran community came to pass world Challenge Day in many cities in all of 32 provinces .
We had not a single day to be physically active we organized it during May 2011 . They do physical activity at least 15 minutes, had a fun day with each other in different day in forms of activity and for all people of every age, gender and level .
In Tehran , Dr Saaidloo Vice president I.R.IRAN , Dr Majdara and other leaders of physical Education Organization attend Morning Exercise in Englab Sport Complex.
Oromiyeh , Sanandaj and Marand was leaders in this event . Family Walking with more than 250 thousand in each city with participation of Dr. Majdara President Sport For All Federation . Special event for this event hold in Tehran 3500 citizen , include family walking, kite, traditional game ,family competition , painting with children , child games with over 500 participators in all ages Frisbee , Tug of war , rope skipping , Cycling and some entertainment in Azadi Sport Complex with participation of Mrs. Mitra Rouhi, and also in Hamedan , Markazi , Boushehr , Kerman , Yazd , Zanjan. Sport for all festival was held in Semnan with participation of 200 children in Sport Village , Bomehen , Gharechak and Malard cities . Tag of war and kite flying in Taleghahi Park and Javan Park in Varamin , mountaineer in Shemiran , Darts in Javadabad , Varamin . social cohesion and to be fun with activity and doing exercise for different target groups. In all programs, departments, organizations, TV, media were took part , and cooperated with cities .

Dr saaidlou Vice President I.R.IRAN & president of physical Education Organization


JUNE 2011


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2011 World Walking Day (China) in Shanghai