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Active After-school Communities program kicks off for 2011


The Australian Sports Commission's Active After-school Communities (AASC) program is up and running again in 2011 offering free sport and other structured physical activities to up to 190 000 children across Australia.
Since its inception in 2005, the AASC program has increased its reach from 900 to approximately 3270 schools and after-school care centres around Australia. Of these sites, 58 per cent are located in regional and remote communities, 23 per cent in low socioeconomic communities and 14 per cent in Indigenous communities.

AASC National Project Officer Angele Gray said that the program will continue to focus on its Play for Life theme this semester.

'Following last year's hugely successful Term 3 campaign, the Play for Life ethos will continue to be delivered through the program and will endeavour to connect kids with local sporting clubs in their area.

'Students are not the only beneficiaries of this program – free training is provided to teachers, parents and sports club members in the community to become coaches in the program. Community coach training programs are under way around the country. The program has trained over 52 000 community members to date, helping to boost the capacity and capability of the Australian sports system.

'We are looking forward to another great year, delivering a quality program which inspires children, their families and coaches to become involved in sport after school and in their local community,' Ms Gray said.

The Australian Government has provided $43.5 million in funding to assist in delivering the program and purchasing sporting equipment for 2011.

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